In addition to writing novels, Stephanie is a contributor to these fine publications:

Stephanie is a staff writer for ROOKIE, an online magazine for teenage girls created by editor-in-chief, Tavi Gevinson. She writes everything from personal essays about self-injury, grief, and bullying to recommendations of books, movies, TV, and music she loves, lists of things like ways to get through a bad day/month/year, and odes to Literally The Best Thing(s) Ever, like her favorite soap opera, One Life To Live. She also occasionally makes playlists of Riot Grrrl tunes classic rock perfect for a road trip with the Winchester Brothers from Supernatural and reviews candy (OMG, you guys, BAT DOTS!). You can see a full list of her ROOKIE work here.

Stephanie is a proud contributor to Ms. Fit, a real-life, feminist fitness mag, where she writes about things like her 16-year battle with insomnia and learning to love exercise after hating P.E. You can find a full list of her Ms. Fit work here.

Stephanie worked as columnist for her hometown newspaper, the Forest Park Review, from 2008 until she moved to Seattle, Washington, in the summer of 2013. Forest Park is a quirky and amazing town known for its taverns (Stephanie bartended at one of the oldest pubs in town, the Beacon from 2004 to 2013) and its tombstones (the dead outnumber the living 30 to 1!). She enjoyed writing about local treasures like beloved indie record shop, The Old School Records and getting personal from time to time like with this eulogy to her cat, Sid. You can find some of her columns archived here.

When Stephanie decided to relocated to Seattle, her "heart city," she decided to record what happens a freelance writer/total packrat/huge worrywart and her extremely patient auto mechanic husband make a cross-country move with their two cats. You can follow their journey on her Seattle-Bound Writer Girl Tumblr

This is Stephanie's main blog. She crossposts from Tumblr here, but also writes about her writing process, the books she's working on, the music she loves and life in journal. You'll also find the occasional author interview.

This is a group blog that Stephanie shares with nearly 30 other YA authors who push boundaries. She posts every month on the 13th (her lucky number!).

Stephanie also occasionally posts about her muses on her personal tumblr and you can still find her entries on the now defunct group blogs, MTV Books and Teen Fiction Cafe.

Here are some other stories, essays or interviews by Stephanie:

"Stranger Danger" in No Touching Magazine

"10 Years Gone" in Fresh Yarn

"Blood Lines" in Black Oak Presents

Interview with John McNally on Virginia Quarterly Review online